RIG has been launched!

“RIG”, a series of holds to train your “seeing skill”, is now available.

The RIG is shaped in such a way that controlling the foothold is not a straightforward task. It’s the kind of hold that you can find out a lot about by reading the hints on the unevenness of the hold and using it through trial and error.

The hold is a jug, but the basic shape that can induce a natural holding feeling from ergonomics is kept, and there are a bit more bad jug shapes with a spice. Although they are more difficult, they can be used in combination with other holds and with pinpoint accuracy to effectively create the flavor of the problem.

Also, I am planning to do a live shape using RIG in October. I will be doing some live shaping and explaining the holds, so please keep an eye out for that. I’ll post the schedule on Twitter as soon as it’s finalized.

Twitter https://twitter.com/shojinholds

RIG https://shojinholds.com/rig.html