Press your feet hard! 5Q/V2 From Live Set – Problem Description

Climbers discover something and grow by climbing problems. And the power of discovery is a stronger motivator than completing a climb. Creating that kind of opportunity is a unique and wonderful part of route setting that is not found in other jobs.

I hope this will give you a hint as to what factors give rise to this, and how to create a point of discovery for them.

So, the live streaming is about 1.5 hours long, so it’s not easy to watch the whole thing. So I made a series of short videos to highlight what kind of problems I made and what the key points of those problems were.

This time, I’d like to share with you an explanation video of the Metolius Natural 5Q/V2, which I set in the second live streaming route setting. The problem is so well done that it is hard to believe it was set for a live streaming, and it has a very strong message from start to finish.

You can use YouTube’s automatic translation feature. MaybeI should be the one to shoot in English, but… Difficult.

I explain how and why I had trouble during the setting, talking about the characteristics of the setting, what you get when you climb the problem, and how to apply with different grades and practice.

The process of this route setting can be seen in the second live set. If you are interested in seeing the actual set in action, please click here as well.