The most important fundamentals to learn from choosing holds

“守りつくして 破るとも 離るるとても 本を忘るな” “Follow the basics thoroughly, and don’t forget the original, even if you break or go away from your basics.” These are the words of Sen no Rikyu, who changed the culture of Japan. Those who train according to the basics and master KATA(form) will be able to “break” the existing the form by comparing … Continue reading “The most important fundamentals to learn from choosing holds”

Route Setting Simulated Experience / TIPS

ou’ve probably never experienced watching a route-setter work, much less what goes through a setter’s mind during the process of setting. How they think, the voices of in their head, telling him about the holds to choose or the moves to make.  Route setting is a series of choices. What moves to make, which holds to … Continue reading “Route Setting Simulated Experience / TIPS”