Kinds of dead points! From 0th Live Set

This is an explanation of a 2Q problem using Shojin Holds set in the 0th live set. There are some different types of deadpoints, so if you want to understand the elements of deadpoints, please copy and set them.

You can use YouTube’s automatic translation feature.

The problem is set at 130 degrees wall, but with the same hold configuration, I think you can go from about 115 degrees to 135 degrees. Gaston may be a little tougher, so please adjust accordingly.

The process of this routesetting can be seen in the live set #0.

Normally, it becomes a unique feature. I think the big clue to this is in thinking about the elements of dead points. Normal can become unique, but unique will never become normal. This is important.


HOLD SET: Theory


  • TH-LG2.4 (Top)
  • TH-LG2.3
  • TH-LG1.3
  • TH-LG2.2
  • TH-LG2.1
  • TH-LG3.2
  • TH-LG1.5 (Start-left)
  • TH-LG3.3(Start-right)
  • Unknown foothold