NORMFull set 126,000 JPY

50 HOLDS / 7 SETS / S - XL

Skills we can learn from the small indentations

It's not just the climber who is guided by the hold. Route setters are likewise prompted by the subtle bulges in the hold and the little surfaces left to switch angles to inspire new footwork. This is not specific, but is the basis of hold selection and move making.

Read the various tips present in the hold and develop an VIEW for evoking moves. This is a necessary skill for choosing the right hold for the right place and for making a particular move. Continue to practice paying attention to detail so that you can make good use of the small indentations.

norm - XLARGE 1

Grip Guide / NR-XL1.(1-5)

norm - LARGE 1

Grip Guide / NR-LG1.(1-7)

norm - LARGE 2

Grip Guide / NR-LG2.(1-7)

norm - LARGE 3

Grip Guide / NR-LG3.(1-7)

norm - MIDIUM 1

Grip Guide / NR-MD1.(1-7)

norm - MIDIUM 2

Grip Guide / NR-MD2.(1-6)

norm - SMALL 1

Grip Guide / NR-SM1.(1-11)

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